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Sports and adventure activities

Molí del Cavaller recreation area


Moli Knight is an area of ​​incredible beauty located in the village of Vilada, near the water reservoir Baells towards the end of his arm where it receives the waters of Margançol.

The name of the recreational area of Molí del Cavaller is given by a refined flour mill located in the municipal district of Vilada, Berguedà that is inventoried as a property in the map of cultural heritage of the Generalitat de Catalunya with the number of ' element IPAC-3734.

The flour Molí del cavaller is a construction from the 17th century or beginning of the eighteenth century that is completely demolished due to abandonment since the 1940s.

The Molí del cavaller was located within the dominions of Baró de la Portella. It was one of the many mills in Vilada, at the foot of the Merdançol stream. It worked throughout the 18th century, XIX and until after the Civil War.

Here you can find the services of parking, camping area, tables, barbecues, toilets, bathing in the reservoir Baells, showers, bar-restaurant and water activities.

Although it is a municipal facility, its management and private keep the costs involved as users like to find it has a cost. For this reason, despite being a public space to enjoy them must pay the rates established and published in addition to respect the terms of use published, except for residents registered in Vilada you can enjoy these facilities for free (since it is thanks to their taxes this area exists) but also following the rules you set.

In order to enjoy this space need to contact the company that manages these services, either by email, phone or in person, either in the same or other areas Moli also manages Indòmit.

The services offered can be taken the same day or following the instructions published by reservation.

Moli facilities can only be used within the opening hours established by the management company. Outside these times is considered anyone who accesses it as intruding on private property and can be reported to the authorities, plus it will be solely responsible for any damages caused or suffered as a result of its presence in the facilities.

Users are informed that the installation is equipped with video surveillance and security services can record images of users purposes only and exclusively for security reasons that periodically destroy elapsed time legal trademark law. These images are recorded both on opening hours and outside these times.

This year, the 2016 dates and opening hours will be:

From 11 September to 24 June every weekend from Friday to Sunday from 9 am to 21 pm
From 24 June to 11 September every day from 9 am to 21 pm

The days are organized dinners or special events in the evening hours will be extended depending on the event organized.

Outside of these dates and times can serve groups by reservation.

It is also possible to organize events and promotions that are extended or promptly advanced to beyond normal hours.

For information and / or reservations can be hired directly on the phone Moli 611 176 627/93 102 31 10 or  general of Indòmit 639 98 01 53.


This allowed access to the area of the recreation area of the mill dog always comes when they are fastened so they do not disturb other users who do not like them now because their presence and the owners have a dog extreme care of the stool of these to ensure a clean and friendly place for everyone, including all there for those people who do not like dogs.

The obligation to bring dogs fastened refers to the entire space Moli, INCLUDING WATER. No problem in dogs bathe but always following the directions of coexistence mentioned.

NO acceptable  dogs in the service camp.


A Moli he imposed rules of use with regard to the management of noise or music in general. For these reasons, in the environment of the recreation area can only broadcast music collectively manager space. While each user is allowed to enjoy their music privately using headphones.


The car park is exclusively for clients of the services offered in the recreation area, their places are scarce and limited, therefore it will be very strict leaving only park who hired some of the services offered.

Those that remain unauthorized vehicles parked inside the premises of the mill closing time will be reported to the authorities and removed by the crane, taking the owner facing possible fines and costs, which is a the administration concerned.

Tables porch

The tables and chairs located under the porch may only use clients that hire services bar or restaurant.

You can reserve tables to enjoy the services of bar - restaurant

Any reservation must be accompanied by the hiring of at least a portion of the services.

Outdoor tables

To make use of the outdoor tables must happen before the bar and hire any of the following options:

Barbecue + table: 3€ / pax
Stove + table: 3 €/ pax
Extra tables: 5 € (6 pax)
Grills / pans: 5 €
Firewood: 4.50 €
Coal: 3.50 € / 2kg

This fee entitles you to the use of tables and benches existing environment, the toilet, the parking, barbecues, showers and access to the swimming area.

If you bring your own picnic table or on the floor with blankets made, the cost is 5€ per table or blanket and entitled to the same services mentioned above.

You can reserve tables outdoors.

Any reservation must be accompanied by the hiring of at least a portion of the services.

Camping area

Definition "camping area":
It is a space where you can assemble a tent for the night

A camping area, unlike a camping, you haven't a plot where the user can have professional who wants them to put tables, countertops, awnings, amacas...  a camping area can only be put the tent for the night. To cook, eat elsewhere ... there skills for these issues.

To camp must first register on the bar - restaurant and pay the corresponding fee.

In the recreational area there is a reserved area for camping, toilets and showers. The price is 15€ per person per night. Esplais, schools, etc. The price is 10€ per person per night.

This rate does not entitle you to the tables and barbecues, these services are managed separately.

It is forbidden to use stoves in the camping area, in case you want to use them will need to be in the area for barbecues.

NO acceptable  dogs in the service camp.

Due to the characteristics of the rules governing around the mill, the maximum stay of 2 nights may be the same tent.

Prices are designed to stores such as "igloos or Canadian" maximum six places, if the store has "advanced" or more seats an extra fee will be applied (please contact us to get informed).

You can reserve places for camping.

Any reservation must be accompanied by the hiring of at least a portion of the services.

There is also the possibility of renting and setting tents, breakfasts and other services, for an additional price of 5€ each. For more information, please contact us.


These fees and rules are applied the whole year during the opening days and times of the area Molí del Cavaller.

Please contact us for special prices and conditions for groups or schooles.


The use of barbecues is free because it is always linked to the hiring of other services and their use is already included in all the other services that can be contracted, tables indoor, outdoor, portable picnic, camping .. .

To use barbecues must register on the record sheet bar - restaurant to establish order among users and avoid problems.

This register identifies strips 1h who register in that range that have to make use of barbecues.

The fuel barbecues that will bring each contract or the bar - restaurant, in any case will always be natural type fuel wood, charcoal, wood or gas. In no case can use plastic containers or similar.

The fuel is not consumed completely at the end time using each user will benefit from the following user or in case of disagreement the user must turn off the fire out with water and remove excess fuel barbecues (it being solely responsible for managing the rest of this fuel) because you can do the following users.


The use of the showers is free, as is always linked to the hiring of other services and their use is already included in all the other services that can be contracted, tables indoor, outdoor, portable picnic, camping, activities ...

Still can hire the service of hot water, so we have to go to the bar - restaurant.

The cost is 2 € per person.

Water activities

The activities can be performed routinely at the mill are kayaks, pedal and paddle surfing. The details of each activity and their employment conditions are on this website, see each sheet.

You can book activities.

Any reservation must be accompanied by the hiring of at least a portion of the services.



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